Dear friends, I am pleased to introduce you to the latest video in my series. This video is focused on the importance of not having a typo in your CV. This is an obvious point but two new clients who had worked with other recruiters recently sent me their CV after it had been submitted to numerous law firms and in both cases they had a major typo in headings. It took me less than thirty seconds to spot these mistakes which means that their previous recruiters couldn’t be bothered to spend any time reviewing their CVs to make sure that nothing was wrong. Of course, it’s your responsibility to make sure your CV is correct but working with a recruiter who cares enough to catch these kinds of mistakes is critical as it could mean the difference between getting an offer and not getting an offer. It’s your career and you should make sure that you are getting the support and coaching that you deserve. If you are looking for some feedback on your CV or would like to have a discussion about your career, please don’t hesitate to reach out. In addition, please feel free to check out my blog for additional tips related to the practice of law.