Most companies, including law firms can be distinguished by their unique corporate identity and brand.  Even though your company brand or law firm may be highly recognizable, it is critical for your own future success to develop a personal brand that distinguishes who you are in the market as an individual. If you are well known for a particular set of skills and expertise, your reputation and business will thrive.  Investing in the cultivation of a personal brand is an essential element of your future success.

Personal branding is the development of your unique characteristics – your skill set, experience and personality and how you combine these factors to differentiate yourself from others in the market.  In the ever-increasing competitive legal world, having a personal brand is an investment requiring a considerable time commitment over the course of your career.  To build your personal brand you need to delve into your uniqueness, your values, your skills and the special qualities that you bring to your clients.  It’s not enough to simply be known as a strong technical lawyer – you must become a trusted advisor.

Once you have determined what makes you unique, the next step is to highlight your brand as part of your daily routine.   You can bring your brand to life by presenting to clients, drafting and sharing articles on LinkedIn, and speaking at conferences.  In the competitive and busy legal world, it is important to be recognized for who you are as a professional.  Make it part of your routine and the rewards will be great as you will ultimately be known as a thought leader in your areas of expertise.

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