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“I worked closely with Stephen for several years while serving as managing partner of a regional office of an Am Law 25 law firm. Stephen was invaluable in the recruiting, professional development and business development efforts of our office. He has both a solid understanding of the business side of the legal profession and wonderful emotional intelligence that informs his interactions with people at all levels. Stephen’s experience and skill-set make him a great asset to any law firm seeking top notch legal talent and to any lawyer seeking the right professional home.”

“I had the good fortune of meeting Stephen while in law school and he was invaluable in coaching me on how to network, search for jobs and ultimately land my first position. Throughout my career, Stephen has been a great coach, mentor and go to person for all questions. His knowledge of the industry, understanding of how to succeed in a competitive market and compassion is unparalleled. Stephen takes a hands on approach, thinks strategically and truly cares about each individual.”

“I have known Stephen for approximately two years and he is different from every other recruiter you will meet in the Hong Kong market. Stephen is considerate, compassionate and always willing to listen and help. As a former practicing lawyer, Stephen is uniquely positioned to understand your experience, struggles and emotions. Most importantly, Stephen makes you feel good about yourself every time you speak with him, not because the issue or difficulty has disappeared, but because he helped you realize what you are good at and how to navigate the current challenge. Being a young associate in a competitive market is hard; but having a friend and mentor you can talk to, laugh with and learn from indeed makes the journey more enjoyable. ”

“It was my great fortune that I met Stephen when I was having some difficulty in my career. Stephen has been coaching me on how to work through challenging situations, building and maintaining relationships with people at all levels, and strategically working towards a particular move that ties to my long-term goals.  Stephen is an extraordinary problem-solver and mentor and has tremendous interpersonal skills. He understands your situation and effectively guides you on how to land, manage and excel at your job. Moreover, Stephen is an amazing friend that genuinely has faith in you and encourages you to achieve your dreams. Stephen is the go-to person for all of my questions and the skills that I have developed from working with him have become an invaluable asset that positively impacts my career.”

“Meeting Stephen was a turning point in my career. He’s one of those people who genuinely cares, who truly believes in you and will go all out for you. Stephen has supported me since before I graduated with my LLM and he continues to do so now. If you’re looking for someone who’ll take an interest in your career as if it was their own, someone who will not rest until they help you land your dream job, and someone who will help you navigate all aspects of your legal employment search, then look no further.”

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