Dear Friends, I am pleased to introduce you to the latest video in my series. This video is focused on how to properly resign from your job in a professional manner. How you end a working relationship is just as important as how it begins, if not more important, as this is how you will be remembered. I have seen so many people mishandle this step and you don’t want to get this wrong! A few basic tips:

– Always resign in-person (or on Zoom) and do not e-mail your resignation to your boss. Give your boss the courtesy of telling them that you are leaving in- person and let them know how appreciative you are of the opportunity to work for them. This is simply a professional courtesy. After the in-person meeting, you should follow-up with written notice to your boss and HR to make sure the firm has a record in writing of your resignation.

-If you would like to shorten your notice period, please discuss this with your boss as well. Despite being excited to start your new job, you must handle all of your responsibilities at the firm and with your clients. If you want to shorten your notice period, again, go to your boss and have a discussion. If you are perceived as shirking your responsibilities to your current employer and clients, this will be remembered and reflect very poorly on you. At this stage of your relationship with the firm, go above and beyond to make sure that all of your responsibilities and commitments are being met and you will be remembered as a true professional.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you any questions about the resignation process.