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What Should You Expect from Your Legal Recruiter

Changing jobs isn’t easy—you deserve a legal recruiter who will give you honest, thoughtful advice about a new position that can meaningfully benefit your life and your career. Here are ten questions that you should ask to evaluate whether your recruiter has your long-term best interests at heart:

  1. Do they truly understand the legal industry, or are they simply in the “sales” business?
  2. Do they conduct their business with honesty and integrity? (For example, have they distributed your CV to firms without your advance approval?)
  3. Do they send you written confirmation after they have submitted your CV to a law firm? (Pro tip: you should keep your own record of this!)
  4. Do they take the time to meet you for a coffee or schedule a Zoom call to better understand your career objectives?
  5. Do they give you substantive feedback on how to edit your CV, or simply send it out as quickly as possible?
  6. Do they run through mock interviews with you to make sure you are prepared to talk to law firms?
  7. Do they debrief with you after each interview to identify your strengths and weaknesses?
  8. Do they manage the interview process on your behalf and advocate for you with law firms?
  9. Do they give you honest feedback if a particular job is the wrong fit, or are they more interested in earning a commission? (Recruiters only get paid if you change jobs!)
  10. Do they stay in touch after you start your new job, to help you manage new challenges, or do they disappear?

If your current recruiter doesn’t pass the test, we should have a conversation!